Eve Wrap Top

Eve Wrap Top

from 129.00

Muslin $129.00

Silk $159.00

Fine Linen $129.00

(Only available in linen at this time)


An effortless top that beautifully wraps around the waist to tie softly at the back. Elegant folds are created that gently cling to the body. This top can also be worn tied at the front for a more summery casual look.


Fabric: 100% linen muslin, 100% silk and 100% linen

Colour: Ivory (muslin and linen) White (silk)

Fit: Model wears a size Small


Flat lay measurements:

XS/S - M/L - L/XL

Across back: 37cm - 48cm - 53cm

Back length: 32cm - 35cm - 38cm

Side length: 28cm - 32cm - 35cm

Bust size: 75 to 90cm - 90 to 105cm - 95 to 115cm

Adjustable straps and waist.


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