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Photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Nikita wears our    Javi Top    in white linen gauze and    Jayde Skirt    in blue and white gingham.

Nikita wears our Javi Top in white linen gauze and Jayde Skirt in blue and white gingham.

Can you share a bit more about yourself, your background, your upbringing? What parts have contributed to the woman you are?

My name is Nikita Altamirano Rojas Nunez Johnson. I’m a Chilean woman who migrated to America at a young age for my mothers' great love. My upbringing was made in the desert country of Arizona surrounded by orange and purple skies and the culture of Mexico and the native American people. So many parts and so many pieces have made me who I am today and who I am still to become.

Being a child in an American school and not speaking the language. Growing up with two openminded parents who do not have a prejudice bone in their body and passing this mindset on to me. Having a grandmother and mother who painted and are strong and always inspire me. Just a few parts.

Nikita wears our    Keiko Top    in white linen

Nikita wears our Keiko Top in white linen


Are you working on any new artistic projects you can share with us?

I’m always working on finding new ways to express what's floating around in my head. I am so inspired by my children and their freedom in expression. The use of colour and need to just create. I'm in the process of creating forms within colour to paint with the freedom of a child. I'm working on having my first solo show in Australia, not just a show but an experience.

Also, a little side project called The Wearable Artist - The love I have for beautiful things and painting one's self. After living in Brooklyn New York I spent so much time surrounded by amazing individuals and their innate sense of style. I have a background in Art Directions and It's my way to express the love of great design and independent style. I adore Creatives, people that make it their purpose to make and create beauty, kinda like you guys at Akazi.


What are three things that are inspiring you right now?

I'm playing with mediums - Pastels, paper cutting, watercolours, oils.

Enjoying the use of colour, as one should. Allowing myself to take my time to create works that are for my expression, not mass consumption.

My husband and partner in crime Jarrah Johnson who is one of Australias most talented Artists, so young and so talented. He pushes for perfection and has such an eye as a painter. Our love inspires me.

Becoming a mother to each my babes is an inspiration, they have made me the woman I am today. The Births of our children took me and showed me how fragile people are and how strong of a woman I can be. Closing that chapter in my life is a huge change and oddly inspiring. We are about to have our fourth babe, our last. This closing a book on Pregnancy and Birth. A lot of my works reflected my emotions after birth, ranging from almost losing my life after the birth of my first. The emotions of breastfeeding and love. So now closing this book is creating a new inspiration.


Do you have any daily rituals and why are they important to you?

Creating is the daily ritual.

Seeing and doing something with my hands is the ritual. Drawing out my thoughts, I never had any proper training in art except for the classes my mother took me to as a child and I tagged along with soaking up the teachings. So my teacher is error and finding ways to express what I see in my head.


You look so beautiful and comfortable in your pregnancy. What are your secrets for feeling empowered and at ease when dressing as a pregnant woman?

Aw shucks thank you. A Pregnant woman is full of life and that in its self is empowering and beautiful. Style only gets better with the belly, I adore it. Pick pieces that feel good on your ever-changing body and that are long-lasting and made well. Pieces you can wear before and after. Don't be afraid to feel sexy and enjoy the curves the fullness. Enjoy being a woman.


You can find Nikita at @rojas_johnson_

Photography by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

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