About the Brand

A K A Z I  translates to Women in the Chichewa language of Malawi.
Our labels philosophy is centered around simplistic timeless designs that tell a story, beautiful natural fabrics, comfort and attention to detail.


We are a mother and daughter business located on the Gold Coast, Australia who have combined our love of design to become the design and production team for akazi.

Our dream is to create beautiful, ethically produced clothing which will make you feel happy inside and out. Clothing that is kind to our Earth. Thoughtfully designed and made from quality, natural plant based fabrics that age with grace.

We aim to create a functional, minimal wardrobe that can be mixed, layered and treasured for years to come. Discouraging the throwaway 'fast fashion' industry. We want to encourage our customers to think about our clothing and their long-term use by connecting with them emotionally. To value the relationship they develop with the clothes over time - for each garment to develop it's own story.

We care about our world, the environment and the people who inhabit it and will endeavor to take the more responsible path to reach our goals.