M E L O D Y  J A S M I N E

Melody wears our Charlotte Blouse and Elliot Pants in clay.




We were lucky enough to meet this beautiful woman one year ago on Akazi's very first photo shoot. She made such a crazy time for us, relaxed and fun. We have loved watching her wonderful brand grow, and admire her talent and spirit.

We are excited to interview Melody as the first in a series of AKAZI WOMEN.



We travelled extensively as a young family - How did you find the experience of traveling with Zephyr?

It was utterly incredible travelling with my little mate, it really was like that ~ a beautiful companion, he kept me in the moment, not usually thinking about what we will do tomorrow let alone today, we just went with it.. He was the best travelling companion I could have ever wished for.. There was no rest for me with him, ever! Not because I was with him all the time, but because he would never ever rest! We live predominantly outside here in Australia, he plays almost all day outside and so when we hit the city areas, it just wasn’t the same for me, not like just running free in the paddocks or riding bikes around, I had to be out and about with him all day in the dirty, bustling cities. On the city days in Paris, Barcelona, Florence & Naples, we basically just walked or biked for hours upon hours, over there everyone bikes and the rules are so much more relaxed, so Zephyr just sat on the back of the bike rack :) He loved it!  When we weren’t in the city’s we were on beautiful farms doing work exchange in France, Italy & Spain.. Zephyr would spend the days helping me shovel horse poop, pull weeds, wash & feed animals and so much more!! Our whole Spain trip consisted of 2 weeks at the home of a wonderful lady and her 3 year old boy, she is so passionate about animals & has rescued so so many, so its her own sanctuary at her property and there was about 60 animals there. Doing these work exchanges with Zephyr was just incredible & such a learning experience for us both. Those were the absolute highlights of our trip, seeing how truly happy and in his element Zephyr was.. I feel he grew up quite a ton when we were away, things in him changed and his confidence and maturity blossomed.. I can’t wait to travel more with him. 




Can you share more about your upbringing? Do you think it lead you to such a creative career/ lifestyle choice?

I had a very alternative up-bringing, both parents made a living off of creating crafts of all different kinds & doing the local markets with them. I suppose I didn’t really think of it as being alternative, it was just life.. But it wasn’t like it is now back 30 years ago, they were struggling artist hippies selling their wares to cover a holistic living.. However I am so grateful that I had a mum who spent her time with me rather than growing up in daycare because of ‘career, and getting ahead in life’... But the part that i can now see has had the most influence on me in regards to me ‘working in a creative industry & having my own business, is, well, I realise that having had these parents, they gifted me with a different way of thinking. I didn’t have any hesitation of creating my own business, and have worked only for myself since I was 21, and I’m now 32! I left school at 14 which was extremely young, but luckily I have always had plenty of drive and ambition and an open mind, I knew that I had to take myself where I wanted to go in life as no one else is going to get me there. I grew up living in the Byron shire so I was incredibly blessed with being surrounded by people with a special mindset and way about life, and yes for sure I have naturally carried this through to my adult years. 



Melody wears our Charlotte Blouse and Greta Wide Leg Pants .


Do you practice any daily rituals?

I wish i had more routine in my life, can I blame working for myself? I believe rhythm & routine is so needed for children and honestly makes the world of difference in so many ways, so he has a bit of a daily rhythm, my favourite part being bed time :) After dinner and a bucket bath, I read stories to him for about an hour in bed until he is super sleepy (At the moment its the original Faraway Tree or The Wishing chair, read already 150 times over) then I put on music till he is fast asleep (his favourites are Jimi Hendrix acoustic, Bob Marley & a couple of surf film soundtracks) I then snap out of my slumber state and get to work on the computer, usually from 8pm till midnight.. I try to work as much as I can while he sleeps so I don’t have to do as much work/Zephyr dance in the day hours. 



What are your fave items to wear in your wardrobe? (And you don’t have to say Akazi!)

I really like to firstly choose clothing that is a natural fibre, thats a priority & I’m really into dressing so simply these days, simply yet I do love textures as well.. I love love feminine clothing and always have.. My perfect outfit would probably be a billowing Edwardian style sheer silk peasant top paired with some linen trousers & my Akazi ones (whats that style called!??) are perfect!! I would probably pair that with plaited hair and vintage leather sandals and a Zephyr boy my hand of course! So easy to get dressed and clothing that you can do anything in, I need clothing that can be transitional, to be able to work in the garden then go to the cafe haha.. I really can’t be bothered owning clothing that is ‘too special to wear’ so I just wear the hell out of everything that I love! 

And lastly, what are your plans for this year? 

For this year, I have no idea! In all honestly life is very ‘in the middle’ right now.. I don’t even have a vision for what I would like to happen.. Maybe right now is a time when I need to become more in the moment and not in the future, as usually I am always dreaming about what I want to improve in my life and where to next. So hopefully before I roll to the next chapter of my life I will learn to be here now, be here then!




You can find Melody at www.ontheroadwithmelody.com x